Jodhpur is one of the second biggest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This city is also known as Jodhpur – the blue city by many tourists. Jodhpur is called ‘Blue City’ as the houses are painted blue in the old area of the city, to keep the houses cool Blue tone is utilized on the Houses. It is also known as the Sun City on the grounds that the climate stays splendid and radiant all around the year, and the old town in Jodhpur is an awesome illustration of distinctive shadings giving a photogenic scenery to everyday life. Jodhpur is a popular destination for tourism and among international tourists, famous for many beautiful forts, Palaces and temples.

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JODHPUR – The Blue City

The climate of Jodhpur is hot and dehydrated during summers and rainy season from june to September. So basically, October to March is the best time to visit this place. The city is famous for its food and its popularity. The famous food items of jodhpur are Makhaniya Lassi (a drink made with curd and sugar), pyaaj Kachori (filled with onion & spices) , Mawa Kachori  and Mirchibada (a hot and spicy food).

JODHPUR – The Blue City

Places to Visit in Jodhpur

1. JASWANT THADA It is situated on the left side of Mehrangarh fort, or you can say between the fort and the city.  just a few minutes walk from the fort. Jaswant Thada is a structural wonder, worked with expertly cut sheets of white marble. The marbles are exceptionally slim and cleaned and cut so that the external surface discharges a sparkle during day time.

2. MEHRANGARH FORT The fort is located at the centre of the city. It is probably the biggest fort in india and is bounded by huge walls with several gates. the city looks unbelievably wonderful from top of this place. The fort encloses a museum which displays different things of the royals. Mehrangarh fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459.

3. UMAID BHAWAN PALACE The palace is situated in the southern part of Jodhpur city. The current day Raja of Jodhpur (Raja Umaid Singh), however with no established force, actually lives in this palace. Half of the palace has been changed over into hotel and another half of the royal palace into a museum (The vintage cars collection can also be seen here). This palace is also voted as best hotel of the world from past many years.

4. MAHAMANDIR TEMPLE  It is a  architectural marvel of Jodhpur. This temple is supported on almost 84 pillars which are beautifully decorated with frescos and carvings depicting yogic postures, intricate motifs and other artwork. The temple also have perfectly planned hall that is utilized for Yoga classes. Its illustrious design and royal architecture attract tourist in large numbers.

5. MANDORE GARDENS It is situated around 9 kms from the city. Mandore garden is known for the birthplace of Ravana’s wife mandodari. The garden contains cenotaphs of previous Marwar kings. In contrast to typical cenotaphs in the area, the cenotaphs in Mandore are fabricated like conventional Hindu temples. The cenotaphs are made in red sandstone and for the most part have four storeys. These cenotaphs are encircled by a wonderfully finished garden.

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