Top Places to Visit in Gulmarg
Top Places to Visit in Gulmarg

 Gulmarg is located in Jammu Kashmir and it is the district of Jammu Kashmir. It is a town, a hill station, and a popular skiing destination. Gulmarg is a very famous and beautiful place where everyday visitors come to see the beauty of Gulmarg. The beauty of Gulmarg is mesmerizing the visitors. This is a favorite destination for skiing lovers. The altitude of Gulmarg is 2730m above sea level. Gulmarg is the adventure hub of the Indian Institute of Skiing, and mountaineering. This is also the honeymoon destination of people. Gulmarg has a popular destination for shooting various films. Top Places to Visit in Gulmarg.

Places to Visit in Gulmarg

1. Gulmarg Gondola

Gulmarg Gondola is located in Gulmarg, and it is the second-longest and second-highest cable car in the world. It is the prime attraction and it is divided into two phases. Phase1of Gulmarg Resort to Kongdoori Resort.  Phase2 of Gulmarg Gondola connects Kongdoori Mountain to Apaharwat Peak. Here, you can enjoy activities like horse riding, and snow skiing.

2. Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg is a beautiful location, where visitors come with their family and friends to enjoy the beauty of nature and enjoy the mesmerizing view of Gulmarg. Skiing is the most famous activity of Gulmarg and here visitors come to do skiing in Gulmarg and the skiing activity by visitors increase day per day.

3. Alpather Lake

Alpather Lake is located in Gulmarg and is a high altitude lake between the twin Apharwat Peak in Gulmarg. It is known as the Frozen Lake and it is famous for the one-day trek and covers a distance of almost 13km. During summer, the lake is surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees.

4. Strawberry Valley

Strawberry Valley is a hidden attraction and the beauty and charm of Strawberry Valley attract visitors. The summer season is the busiest time of the year and the Strawberries as ripe and harvested. several movies also shot there, and it is the best place to visit.

5. Ningle Nallah

Ningle Nallah is situated 10 km away from Gulmarg, it is a mountain stream flanked with snow-capped mountains and lush green on all four sides. It is most popular for picnics and camping, this place is good for family and friends.

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