Top 5 Places to Visit in India
Top 5 Places to Visit in India

Top 5 Places to Visit in India
Top 5 Places to Visit in India

India is a very huge and beautiful place in the world. India is a country where people speak different languages like English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Haryanvi, Punjabi, and many other different languages. But the official language is Hindi. India has also different religions, castes, and cultures. India is famous for the “unity of Diversity”. Because India has many different religions and castes but they live together. India has many historical and beautiful tourist places. Due to which, India is the most favourite place of tourists.

India is also rich in forts, monuments, tombs, temples, churches, museums and many more. India had many great leaders and freedom fighters. India is also known as Bharat, India, and will Findout Top 5 Places to Visit in India.

1. Red Fort, Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and a very famous city of India. Delhi is Famous for its history and monuments. In ancient time, Many Mughal Emperor lived in Delhi and they had also built many monuments like Red Fort. Red Fort built by Mughal Emperor and Red Fort was also the capital of Mughal Emperor. Red Fort is a very famous place, today many people visited daily to see the beauty of Red Fort.  

2. Taj Mahal, Agra

Agra is a historical and beautiful place in India. Agra is the most tourist visiting place in India. Agra is the district of Uttar Pradesh. Agra has many famous monuments but Taj Mahal is the most famous monument and most visiting Place of India. taj mahal was constructed by Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz.

3. Ghats at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

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Varanasi is the city of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is famous for its Ghats and famous food of Varanasi is hot Chaat and Lassi.  Kashi Nath is a very famous and most visited place.  At the time of Deepawali, many people come to do the aarti of the ghat.

4. Old Goa, Goa

TheOld Goa is located on the Northern district of Goa. Old Goa refers to the historic town and many beautiful places and monuments there. People enjoy there the beauty of nature and the beauty of the Goa city. 

5. The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple is also known as the name Harmandir Sahab. Golden Temple is the place of worship community for the Sikh community India. All religious people should worship in the temple. Golden Temple is situated in Amritsar, India. Golden temple is the symbol of equality and brotherhood.