• Tour The Imperial Palace-TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN TOKYO

The chief attraction of Tokyo’s Marunouchi district is the Imperial Palace Kōkyo with its beautiful 17th-century parks surrounded by walls and moats. Still in use by the Imperial family, the Imperial Palace stands on the site where, in 1457, the Feudal Lord Ota Dokan built the first fortress, the focal point from which the city of Tokyo gradually spread.TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN TOKYO

  • Shop ‘Til you Drop in the Ginza District

Ginza is Tokyo’s busiest shopping area and it’s as iconic as Times Square in New York, and much older. It has in fact been the commercial center of the country for centuries, and is where five ancient roads connecting Japan’s major cities all met. Lined by exclusive shops and imposing palatial stores, the Ginza district is also fun to simply wander around or. Better still; sit in one of its many tea and coffee shops or restaurants while watching the world rush past.


  • Visit the Sensō-ji Temple

In the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the exquisite Sensō-ji Temple (Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji)) – the city’s most famous shrine – stands at the end of a long street market hosting vendors selling masks, carvings, combs made of ebony and wood, toys, kimonos, fabrics, and precious paper goods. Dedicated to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, the temple was established in AD 645 and retains its original appearance despite having been rebuilt numerous times.

·         Enjoy Nature at Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo

A paradise-like oasis of green in the heart of busy Tokyo, Ueno Park (Ueno Kōen) is the city’s largest green space and one of its most popular tourist attractions. In addition to its lovely grounds, the park also boasts numerous temples and museums to explore. While it’s a large attraction and houses more than 300 animals representing some 400 species, having a fun monorail connecting its various components can help speed up a visit and make it even more enjoyable.

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